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Oh the Insanity! Part 4

Today my body aches all over again, although in different places this time. The good news is that I have completed five weeks of Insanity! I’ll admit, it was getting to the point where I HATED the workouts and every morning it was a struggle to wake up but I did it (actually, I overslept one day and missed the workout but it was a recovery day so I didn’t feel too bad). I found myself almost able to keep up with the ridiculously fit people on the video but I think the reason I began to hate them was because the routine was becoming monotonous.The first four weeks are a rotation of four different workouts:

  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Power & Resistance
  • Cardio Recovery (every Thursday)
  • Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

The fifth week is Core Cardio and Balance all week long as a recovery week.

As much as I hated the workouts, I found myself loving the results! I don’t have six pack abs yet (and with the food I like I may never have them) but my clothes are fitting differently, particularly my shirts. I have really noticed a difference in the rib area. Other places are where my additional half chin used to be and my fingers, of all places! My wedding ring barely stays on my finger (I almost lost it in the stands at a college football game last week). On top of the noticeable results, I feel great all day long now. I don’t feel bogged down and tired anymore and I can walk four flights of stairs without sucking wind. One of the main tenets behind all of the workouts is to keep your core contracted during every single exercise so when I climb the stairs I tighten my core and lift my legs with my abs in an effort to get better results. One of the articles I read about this program is that you are building lean muscle so you lose muscle mass. I have worked too hard to let that happen so I am still going to the gym every other night and lifting weights to keep that mass. This has resulted in 2 things:

  1. My muscles are tired the next morning and it makes the Insanity workout incredibly difficult
  2. My weight has stabilized, which is fine because I didn’t start this to lose weight

I’m not certain if being tired for the workout is a help or hindrance. I’m a firm believer that you get the best results when you work your muscles to exhaustion, whether it is by doing 10 reps of heavy weight or 50 reps of light wight, you should have nothing left before you decide to stop. In that case, it is probably helping to maximize the benefits.

Sooo…..I am three days into the second set of workouts and I am SORE! It hurts between my shoulders (traps and lats) and my upper legs (hamstrings and quads) more than it ever did in the beginning. The videos are all about 15-20 minutes longer and the rests are few and far between. Granted, you can rest when needed but I like to try and wait until the circuit is complete to get the max benefits. The goal of these routines is to perform the maximum number of each exercise in the time allotted. The next five videos include:

  • Max Interval Circuit
  • Max Interval Plyo
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
  • Max Recovery (ever Thursday)

It really is all just a head game because the body will do what the mind tells it to. I’ve noticed that I get the urge to take a break and grab water when I see someone on the video doing it but try to push myself just a little longer. Pretty soon I’m down to 30 seconds yet my mind tells me that those 30 seconds last an eternity. I would recommend this workout to everyone but the one piece of advice I would offer is to get right in the head before attempting! You seriously have to be mentally prepared because it is a battle with yourself to commit to working out every day, to push yourself as hard as you can, to keep going when your body is tired, to eat healthy and to stay with the program to the very end.


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This entry was posted on October 9, 2013 by in Fitness, Healthy Eating, Insanity.
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